Longest Flight I’ve Completed!

Me and @voltanicMercuay0 taking A380’s from New Zealand to Dubai. Long… very long flight. See our flight details below and photos from the flight…

Flight Details

Aircraft - Airbus A380-800
Airline - Emirates
Call sign - Emirates 619
Route - Auckland (NZAA) to Dubai (OMDB)
Flight time - 17hr 15mins
Departure - 23:00 (GMT)
Arrival - 16:15 (GMT)

At gate, waiting for all 504 passengers to board.

Waiting for takeoff (View from tower).

@voltanicMercuay0 Lining up for takeoff.

After using 80% of the runway, we’re airborne!

We’ve reached Cruise!

Sunset over India!

Landed and arrived at gate.

@voltanicMercuay0 Arrived a bit later.

Then a 777 joined us!

Hope you have all had a wonderful Christmas and have a fantastic new year when it comes!


Wow 17 impressive!

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I’m never doing a long haul like that again 😐


How you’re phone survived?

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Charged it before the overnight, then recharged it in the morning with low brightness so it doesn’t overheat.

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That’s a chance that you’re not overheating or game crash. One day i flew 9H and my game crashed

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Yeah, on the other hand, I didn’t charge my phone and lost a 5hr flight 😭

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17 hours… not bad. I’ve done nearly 23 before lol


Oh no, couldn’t be me. That’s too long 😭

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On the other other hand, i fell asleep and my phone died after 6h flight…

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I feel your pain 🥲

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You’re lucky that the new A380 hadn’t come up yet. I believe with this baby my battery will go to the grave much faster 😐


Fr, I can’t wait for it to come out!