Longest flight ever

Today (and some part of yesterday)

I flew the a350 from singapore airlines from singapore changi to jfk, new york, the longest commercial flight today.

Flight info

WSSS - KJFK, 18:20, A350 Singapore Airlines, solo server, 8282nm

Takeoff from the longest flight possible

Operated by singapore airlines, WSSS - JFK is the longest flight operating today.
It’s an a350 route, like all the extremely long flights.
Singapore airlines is the biggest a350 operator in all of the world, it would be ovious to use their a350.

Start of the longest cruise ever

This cruising stage is about 17 hours long!
Fun fact: LNAV likes extreme turns.

Night cruising

Cruising is way faster at night, since air traffic is reduced.
Cruising at mach .85 btw


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I do have a comment - I finally got the touchdown part a little bit better than always

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Wich is the range of the a350
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Thanks for reading!


Uh oh i forget the flight info, ill fix that now…

Nice pics! I still can’t believe how easy the a350 becomes way overweight on long flights lol

It was kinda hard to takeoff and climb, the plane was very heavy…

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It depends on if it’s the A350-900 or A350-900ULR

Exactly, but it doesn’t say ulr so it isn’t the ulr.

It probably is, with how much fuel it can hold and stuff. And how far you can actually go with it.

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I dare you to do Spain to New Zealand

In my opinion, I don’t know if it would be bad if you could see the passenger cabin lights on the a350.
It would be similar to the a320

Not too sure about that either, having a non modeled cabin is pretty bad, but a low resolution fake cabin may be worse tbh

You are right, in better detailed airplanes if there is an interior with seats and details of a passenger cabin, It’s more realistic than having lights inside.

I still liked that photo!


That was so butter

I never can butter the a350!

mann i can not wait that long to land lol.

Thanks! Quick tip, be at 2100 feet (over the airport’s altitude) at start of the approach

And the worst part is not buttering if you’re flying ultra long haul

thank you!

No problem!

i know or if your phone goes to like 20 % and you didnt know

Mine is from Apple, so I keep it charging while flying, if not i would run out of battery in about three hours 💀

Wait what in the actual-

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