Longest flight ever

I just finished a flight today and took Three days of flying longest flight I have done and came out to 61 hours could of gone longer

SYY to LAX to JFK to SEA to RTT to HNL to LAX to SFO to EGLL to LSZH to OTHH to WSS

All on a A350 Delta

Went do do something and that’s why I got a violation


How is your device not on fire?!


Great question don’t know I have an iPhone 13 pro I don’t know if that matters and it’s brand new so yay great flight

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You used your brand new iPhone 13 Pro for a 60 hour flight?! You are a brave man!


Thank you and I was like let’s see how far I could possibly fly too

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I have so many questions.
And last but not least


Yes mine has worked great for IF, my 11 would get really hot but the 13pro has been great.


I see you got a violation?! For what??

I really don’t know

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WOW, that’s actually mind blowing! I definitely would invest in a phone cooler. 😅

I had VNAV on and left to get food and I was Descending into Dubai and my speed was at like 308 and forgot to turn it off because I knew something would go wrong and sure Enough I got a violation

Want to do a 100 hour flight I was almost there but got a violation so I ended the flight or break the world record who ever has it I think it would be a lot of fun

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