Longest ever IFATC controlling session?

Self explanatory. What is the longest a controller has been on-duty in Infinite Flight?

I think the record for IFATC is like 25 hours?

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I’ve seen 6 hour sessions, but I don’t know how far someone can go

The current record is 26 hours by @JeebakR.


I can only do 3 hours max.

3 hours. 😅

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25-26 hours is amazing, I could do 3-4.5 at best.

Mods can close this topic if they want, my question has been answered.

Only secretly trying to break the record 🤣

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I figured I could do it if it was 9-10 hours, but 25?! Who has the time, and the ability to stay up that long and not have their controlling quality degrade as you get more tired?

How is that possible, airports change every 24 hours?


26 hours, according to IFATCEG!

Check this out: https://ifatceg.com/is-controlling-for-one-long-period-good/

He probably started an hour before and ended an hour after. There is about an hour on each side that it is acceptable to be open.


You’re allowed to open before the region change if it’s not that much longer until 0600Z, the previous region is already dead and there’s no point opening in the previous region. You can also stay open if you had already opened before the region change occured.

Or the schedule could have allowed it. For example if there’s an ATC choice day, you can just open at an airport that’s featured on the following day.


Or it might bave been “airport of the week”.

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Airport of the week? What’s that?

It used to be on the schedule where there was a featured airport from one of the worlds top 50 busiest airports, throughout the week apart from the FNF, but it got removed because it was getting a bit repetitive.

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When was this?

My longest is 3. I’m going for a pretty long session today or this weekend 🤷🏼‍♂️

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About two months ago for the airport of the week.

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Ah that explains it, I just got back from my break around then.