Longest economy class flight

What is the longest flight you have ever been on and had to sit in economy for a long time. Mine was only 5 hours which i hated. So i cam imagine being on it for a 17 hour flight!

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QFA0007 Sydney to Dallas 15h 35m duration.

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LH440 Frankfurt to Houston 10h 10m duration

How can you survive that long? Being stuck in a cramped seat with screaming babies everywhere for 15 hours! Then the person that sits next to you smells horrid and the person infront of you reclines his chair into your legs! Fun


Sleep and IFE really passes the time

16hours or so…

13 and a bit hours from Tokyo to Istanbul a month or so ago. Was painful

Never flew economy :P

So you’ve basically never flown commercially?

I fly once or twice in a year.

Business class?


But here in Europe business classes aren’t like the U.S. ones… They take the first two or three economy rows, block the middle seats and call it “Business Class”.
The Gulf carriers do it in the right way :)

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How much does it cost compared to economy?

Depending on the carrier, European business classes cost 300%-500% of the economy ticket price.
The Gulf states carriers ask 300%-600% of the economy ticket.

Unfortunately I have never flown on economy I heard it’s bad how bad though

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I usually fly first class but if I’m flying with my dad only we fly business

You’ve never flew in economy? Wow, but it’s not bad at all of course not as good as business’s or first but IFE and food really passes the time.

Nope I’ve walked around the cabin to economy and its looks cramp but I don’t how it’s like on a long haul flight

Do pay for first class yourself?