Longest delay between making Grade 3 and actually flying on Expert?

Just amused at life… I got my 100th landing yesterday afternoon (some of the most horrible touch and go’s I’ve ever done, but I was impatient).

Life has conspired to keep me busy and I still haven’t even spawned on the Expert Server… Sigh. Lol.

Anyone else?

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This is probably better fit for the general category but yes, getting to G3 is a tough task. I totally understand but if you can fly frequently enough you’ll be there in no time! I’m a newly turned grade 4 player too.

I posted in general and it was moderated to Live…

It’s only taken me about four months to make G3, it’s just the amusement that after expecting I would fly on Expert the moment I qualified, i haven’t been able to for almost a day now.

Good luck on your 4, i don’t know that I’ll make it there in the foreseeable future

I’m mistaken then, but I must have missed you’ve met all the requirements and still can’t get onto the expert server?

No, this isn’t a complaint or bug report, just my own amusement.

I pushed myself to accomplish the grade 3 requirements, since this is a hobby alongside living with my wife, five pets, and a full time job. Then, after doing the last four required landings and making Grade 3, life took over again, and i didn’t even spawn on the Expert Server until 18 hours later.

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