Longest crj flight

What is the longest crj jet flight these days



Ahhh thank you it will be very cramped for 4.5 hours lol

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No problem, just a quick search on one of my best friends named ‘Google’ :D

Lol I was just thinking about doing it after I asked this

God, 4.5 hours in a CRJ? Which one? the 200, 700, 900, or 1000?

Crj 700 900 for sure

No kidding. Just imagine being cramped in a CRJ 200 for almost 5 hours… I would die

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Reading the link posted it doesn’t seem bad. Good legroom and IFE along with hot meals for first class! Not so bad if you ask me, it’s just people hear ‘regional jet’ and picture a cramped up seat even though Jazz intentionally runs -700 seat numbers on the -900 for these longer flights to make it more inviting.

wait, back up. Since when do the CRJs have IFE? Do you mean like seat-back screens or are you meaning movies that you can watch on your own personal device if you are connected to the plane’s wifi?

Read the link posted. Air Canada Jazz has seatback IFE and good legroom on these long haul CRJs.

okay, after reading the article why can’t we have more of those CRJs on regional flights in the US?! I had to fly to Seattle recently in one of alaska’s old 737s. Damn that was an uncomfortable flight!

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