Longest commercial flight route - Singapore to Newark

After I have been looking around on @MishaCamp articles I saw a old article that he made back in December 19th, 2019. Which was about the top 5 A350 routes to fly in Infinite Flight.

I always wanted to fly the longest commercial flight with Singapore Airlines which is under 19 hours but the app always crash when you’re doing long hauls for more than 10 hours. But I managed to fly the whole route, Singapore to Newark without the app crashed and that was because I had the lowest rendering and texture quality which I changed when I cruised.

Server: Training Server
Cruise altitude: 38,000 feet
Flight time: 17 hours 38 minutes (arrived earlier than expected)

Departed at exactly 22:00 CEST from Singapore on runaway 02L

Phu Qouc, Island in Vietnam

Border between Vietnam and China

Nearly collided with an 787-10 British Airways over Russia, RJTT-EGLL

Sunset over Greenland

Sunrise over Canada

Approaching KEWR, Newark Liberty International Airport

Final Approach, Runaway 22R

Touching ground after 17 hours and 38 minutes

Hope you like the pictures!

Take care and be safe from the virus

Sincerely, Kristoffer [FROG]


Those are sick dude… Love it!

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Beautiful pictures. I may recommend you to remove any two pictures, since the #screenshots-and-videos Category Guidelines only allows 10 pictures per topic. 👍

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Well done, endurence flying right there

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Really great pictures and little narration texts, I thought they went the other way though. 🤔 maybe I’m wrong.

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That landing picture makes me assume you’ve buttered that bread

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I will do that.

Thanks for telling me!

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