longest commercial flight on A330


Does anyone have any idea what it is? I am talking about current commercial flight.


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the A330-200 operates [Rome—Fiumicino] - [Buenos Aires]
Time: 14:25 min
Airline [Aerolíneas Argentinas]
Distance is: 6,019 nm

According to wikipedia


I take my old post back, I looked it up:
FCO (Rome) to EZE (buenas Aires) on aerolinias Argentinas

I don’t think that’s true, if it was, there would be a flight from IAD to SIN and EWR to SIN a lot earlier on a 787. It’s not possible either, airlines are not going to do that.

I think my longest flight on an A330 was LZSH-OMDB-OOMS

True mate DL9971 (DAL9971) Delta Flight Tracking and History 26-May-2013 (SIN / WSSS-KATL) - FlightAware

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Here, it wasn’t technically a commercial flight:

Ah nvm my bad


This is not a commercial flight, but;

I believe it was VH-EBB that flew with Qantas on its delivery flight nonstop from Toulouse to Melbourne

This is the longest flight, and I know it isn’t commercial, but just wanted to put this out there

A ferry flight isn’t a commercial flight because;

  1. Not used for revenue
  2. Nobody onboard other than pilots
  3. It’s to get a aircraft to its next departing airport

This is getting to of topic, we need to close this, it was Answered.

Thanks. This is the kind of info I was looking for. Any other thoughts are most welcome. Cheers.

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Ferry flights usually have flight attendants actually.

Also, I found this information from the Airbus website, although airlines may not always fly these routes:

In operational terms, the increased takeoff weight A330-300 can connect to the following new city pairs: London to Tokyo; Frankfurt to Cape Town; Beijing to Melbourne; Beijing to San Francisco; Kuala Lumpur to Paris; and Los Angeles to Dublin.

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Okay, thanks for the info, but they don’t need the attendants, do they?

They position over for the flight

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They don’t need to if there’s no passengers

Not from what I know, but these flights are usually known as “deadheads” or “deadheading” to a place. This is to get the aircraft to its new departure airport. Without passengers, many flights still do have flight attendants like the delivery of the All Nippon Airways A388, in which flight attendants and important people were onboard. If you wish to continue, PM me

I think delay recently got an increased TO weigh version of the 330, right?

I am not sure what you mean by ‘delay’. You can try and look at the Airbus website to read more.

Hawaiian Airlines does KJFK to PHNL. 10 hours