Longest commercial flight Event hosted by Tailwinds! @ KEWR - 240100ZDEC17

Server: Training

Region: In a galaxy not far far away

Airport: KEWR (Newark) to WSSS (Singapore)

Time: 0100Z the 24th or 8:00pm EST the 23rd

This is my first event please be be patient with me.
Please arrive 5-10 minutes early (we will leave you behind)
Use the 787-9

FPL: Copy it from me when you spawn in

Gate 41A: @ZZBossGaming
Gate 41B: @DiamondGaming4
Gate 42: @Delta_Alpha_Lima
Gate 44: @AryaTheLivingMeme
Gate 45: @Etrain
Gate 46: @Christoff_Spies
Gate 47: @PilotCorey
Gate 51: @RichCar_Theif
Gate 52: @Gregorie_Morales
Gate 53: @Ishan_S
Gate 54: @Planespotterdca
Gate 55: @Dillion_Birdnecklace
Gate 56: @John_Stollenwerk
Gate 57: @Kai_Patel
Gate 61: @Javian_J
Gate 62: @Ethan1234567
Gate 63: @Flying_Hawaiian
Gate 64: @Jmacd20
Gate 65: @Joshua_Liu
Gate 66: @Jamie_Walter
Gate 67: @Intelflight
Gate 68:
More gates will be added if necessary

Event hosted by Tailwinds


Approximately how long will this flight be?

The flight will be approximately 18 hours

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It would be nice to know what route youre flying, KEWR-???


Oh god. I think I have this time slot open, I just don’t think my device can handle it. And it involves overnight for me. Is it OK if I leave my device up and running while I sleep? Like will I need to recieve any messages?

That’s ok, everyone does it for overnight flights.

Ok, so 8:00 PM EST on Friday the 22nd. I’m on the road that afternoon and the following day. Can I get a gate? The worse that happens is my device crashes mid flight


It’s the 23rd,is that ok?

Sign me up just in case. Can’t promise anything but just in case…Gate 42 for me.

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Oh wait. I thought 0100Z on the 23rd was basically 1:00 AM London time, and I’m 5 hours back so it would be 8:00 PM on the previous day, the 22nd

If you keep graphics and lighting low and your device on the charger, it’ll be fine

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@The_Geniusman just use the “@“ instead of putting the player link.

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I’ll also take a gate. I’ll use a Singapore 777-300ER

Btw, what aircraft we using?

I just confused myself, its the 24th 0100Z but the 23rd for EST

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I mean you kind of have to use a 777, 787, 747, or 380

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Say if I sign up… What would happen in those 18 hours. (Most devices will crash sooner or later)… What would be the purpose as well. LMK :)

787 for me! Is livery optional?

Oh :( I can’t make it then

I would like Singapore Airlines

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