Longest B777 routes

What are the longest flights with all the B777 (excluding the freighter version)? I tried doing research but couldn’t find anything accurate.
Please tell me the airline, flight time and what variant of the 777 the flight is operated with. I do feel this post could be useful for anyone else who wants to fly ultra-long haul routes.

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Some routes may be missing

Here’s the 777-300ER’s longest flight

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Ok but that’s not a normal flight. I want the longest scheduled flight.

The wiki has a good list


Actually you would go down to records:
Longest flight with stopover is EGLL-KLAX-NZAA route on the NZ 77W.

Also on that page you can sort by aircraft type in the top 30 for some other routes.

The longest two I know certainly exist(or at least did before covid) are JFK - TPE and JFK - HKG

I would say it’s pretty easy. Qatar airways 77L OTHH-NZAA or the other way around. Currently been pulled out of service, but normally it is (:

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