Longer "Stay alive " on the IF app

For clearing that out:
I mean when on IOS using the split mode, for checking Slack messages while controlling… to now the app goes into the Pause mode when closing the side tab…and sometimes you will come out as orange…thats a bit difficult when having many traffic… and i don’t have another device for running Slack…
So it would been helpful if
A) the app keeps you alive for about 1 minute and don’t put you in pause mode
B) or you guys make it running in split view

Cheers 🍻


I’d say no to keeping it away longer, as what happens if ATC wants to contact you or something?

Split screen would be difficult with a 3D game like IF, as it relies on a 3D game engine as opposed to standard apple, and the Xamirin libraries used to develop IF in a totall different language may not support it.


Ok…i get this with split screen…but a longer keep alive would been good… how often you get tagged while controlling when on approach and tower…and that time to read and answer sufficiently ist mostly long enough to kick you out , into that weired orange world…

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If developers gave up when stuff got difficult we would still be using brick phones


I’m not saying it’s difficult, I’m saying that ATM I’m 90% sure it’s impossible without redoing most of the app.

Also, it’s a case of will it be worth it? Global is difficult, but the end result will be game changing. This is much smaller.

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Innovate Innovate Innovate 👌🏻 That’s how humanity develops :p

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