Longer Replay Mode


As longer flights will be successful (when global comes out), it would be great for the replay mode to replay the whole flight without having to do a flight, then when you land and you would like to watch your replay, it just starts from a later point and keeps on going.

it would be great to extend the replay mode. little features like this, really does improve!


I heard it uses your RAM so it might be extended if your RAM is high enough


Also, the only oils probably be better to just record takeoff for like x minutes and landing/approach for x minutes


it takes up ram and unnecessary cache storage


Reviewing a 12 hour flight; that do not sound right.


Flying one doesn’t sound right I only use replay mode on landing


I wish they would install a record feature, so I can watch my flights.


You’re not about to start your 9 hour flight, go to sleep, wake up and see your plane crashed due to low fuel, rewind 5 hours back and add a fuel stop. It’s just not gonna happen.


Well, I simply record in timelapse mode and watch the video after.


I like the idea but for longer flights it will probably be 99% cruise and 1% takeoffs and landings.


Maybe, but it would be a pretty cold timelapse. Day-night-day

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