Long trip 2

I traveled from Los Angeles (KLAX) to Muscat (OOMS) for 14 hours and 25 minutes on Oman air Boeing 787. It’s was so long trip ✌
Thanks infinite Flight and Thanks Forum Members
I wish to all of you guys the better future in flying world

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Flight time: 14:25 hours=865 minutes. So you gather 8650 XPs for the time of flight.
Your total XPs for this flight is 8764. So your landing XP is 114 .
In your previous post I explained that this point for landing in not good. More practice in solo mode. Try land in the middle of runway and your V/S less than 100 ft/m at the moment of touch down.
Best wishes


Thank you so much 😘🇴🇲🇮🇷

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