Long titles in VA Category

Hello guys so i just found annoying all the long titles that some of VA are using here.

It’s regarding Hashtags, slogansor “#1” or slogans or everything that make the title goes in 3 lines of text on mobile or 2 in desktop view and it looks a bit long for a title.

At TravelSky and my upcoming EasyJet Switzerland we use only the name of the VA on the title and put the slogans and hashtags in the top post.
It would very more cool to only see all same type of topic names in VA then after each airline have their own topics, but it will more better and less annoying.

Thanks for understanding


I have to agree with you there!

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Moderators only close inappropriate topics. Do you consider your thread as inappropriate? If no, there is no need to write this. :)


Yes I agree, Especially @QantasVirtualGroup

I dont think so that Qantas and BAVA uses big banners

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Pretty big to me? That’s viewing from my large iPad haha.


It’s just too long…

Quantas Virtual Group | Official Thread
is really enough
I just don’t care about the rest


I’m sure @QantasVirtualGroup will understand. Where not having a dig just simply raising an issue that probably isn’t necessary :)

Lol. Never looked at other VAs. Or thought about that. I dont think we have a long title.

Well then some of the other airlines too have em. Im not defending Qantas but I think other airlines does that too

The hashtags really annoy me :/


@samuel_48 this whole topic is aimed at different VA’s. I just said “Especially” Qantas because there’s is by far one of the biggest ones buddy :)

Guys I just creating this topic for talking about issues with a topic titles i really don’t care what VA does big titles! Someone have take Qantas as example, people haven’t to talk abou Qantas. I just talking about long topic titles, not to start a war between Qantas BA or every other VA and you
Stay in the goal of the topic…

Unnecessary message dude :)

Don’t care. Here to talk. If you think it’s useless, flag me.

Can you not read what Iv been saying? That last message saying where starting a war was ‘unnecessary’ cause Cleary the guy saying he doesn’t agree is very young and does not understand what both you and I are saying :)

Sir I do understand what you are trying to say. Its just that my opinions differ from yours. And then it has been approved by the IFVARB 🙂

That’s fine mate :) we are all free to express our opinions ! The point of this topic

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Disagree, VA’s are advertising.


BA VA does not have a long or over the top title , full stop !