Long time no see

Hi everyone! Nice too see so many familiar faces as well as some new ones. A lot has definitely changed since I was last here, but it’s nice to be back at least partially. I thought I’d share some photos from a flight I took today, they’re nothing special.

Server: Training (inactivity lol)
Aircraft: Copa 737-800
Route: TTPP - MPTO
Time: 2hrs 32mins

I was thinking of making some sort of event to say hi to old friends, is that a good idea?

  • Yes
  • No
  • I have never had less of an opinion in my life

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Hey @snoman how have you been?
I love your pictures. I considered flying Copa yesterday but then flew somewhere else.

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I’ve been pretty good, but a little busy (and burned out from staring at a computer lol), thanks for asking! I’m definitely planning on flying some more Copa soon, I’m focusing on South America right now because I haven’t flown there a lot.

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That’s nice! Glad to see your back!

I am also exploring South America starting with Argentina.

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I really like how you edited number 2

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Hello @snoman! I missed you on the IFC! Glad your back! I’m down to fly a flight if you want to sometime soon as a welcome back flight!

Nice photos as well!

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