Long Taxi at Busy EDDF!

1) Background to the video
I have recently built up my interest in video editing, and the aim to share the great experiences I have come across on Infinite Flight, therefore I have created this video with the cool and busy traffic at EDDF, hope you all enjoy it! Please feel free to leave comments! I will appreciate them!

2) Detailed Flight Information including servers, time, route
Expert Server, 1400Z, EGLL-EDDF

3) Video


Really nice! like it ;) I am actually doing the same route but the opposite way. I can see @TaipeiGuru 🤣 just realised after watching again


Great video, @iOS_Aviator! Keep up the good work!

@Ondrejj Yep, it was a BAVA group flight so I was there. Hope to see you in the skies soon :)

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I really like the visual representation of the route at the beginning of the video, with the globe.
May I ask how you actually do that? Is it with a “special” program or did you do it yourself?

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On new devices (apple only) IMovie can allow you to these sort of animations.


That’s a shame, I have Android 😂.

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You know, I like to praise people a lot for their great work, but here you went! It is an excellent video! really, congratulations. You have my subscription!


Thought to reply to one of your comments regarding the music and the real sounds from the clip.

Ans: It was a tough choice to choose which sound I should preserve. If I go without music, the clip will feel boring, but with music and without the real sounds will make the clip seem unrealistic… But I might consider switching that up if that works as well. Thank you all for your precious comments!

I see my self in the corner at 9:27 in the LH 744. I landed right when you guys landed too. Hope you enjoyed the flight!


That is amazing! Yea it is also really great to capture all you guys in one video! Hope you enjoyed the video as well!

Great video! One of the best IF videos I have ever seen! I also spotted myself at 10:02. :)

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I sure love a long taxi!