Long takeoff wait?

I’m on the ground at URKK and I’m 2nd in line for takeoff. The person 1st in in line has requested to takeoff however ATC has told them to hold short even thought there is no traffic on final or any traffic on the runway? Please could anyone explain this?

Thanks, Jacob 🙂

In which server are you?

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Expert server.

Due to having lots of pilots heading towards URSS they use “flow control” as well mentioned in the ATIS at URKK. This is to decrease the traffic pressure on ATC instead of increase. It’s a normal ATC procedure so don’t worry! Be patient!


He may have his reasons, respecting security and the legal procedures.

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Thanks alot I was really confused!

It was really busy,took me half an hr to get out of the traffic

My whole Flight ended up being 2hr15min all together compared to what should of been about 25min!


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