Long/Short Pushback

In real life, ATC can request each pushback to be short/long if needs be to allow an aircraft on an adjacent stand to push.

So if I were to request IFATC for pushback, and so does the aircraft next to me, ATC should be able to allow us both to pushback, one of us pushing a long distance to allow the other one to do a short push.

This means two aircraft could push at the same time.

I don’t like long push backs, it just made my flight even longer. Like from 1hour to 1hour and 20minutes :/

Just wondering, how does a pushback add 20 minutes to your flight? Usually a pushback is no more then a minute to 2 minutes.


Cuz I like to push back in 1knt :)

At the moment in infinite Flight, the pushback goes at a speed of 3kts and is unchangeable.

This request is in terms for when ATC needs you to push further then usual rather then slower.


Oh Becuse I never have infinte flight pro, I never knew what the ATC say when in push back

But what does the speed have to do with atc? You can’t change your pushback speed

Not unless u use your parking brakes and then turn them back on and have 2kts!

This would only work at a limited amount of airports. Most airports push onto the taxiway facing “North/South/East/West”. I see the point of the request but if it did get added, there would be a lot of confusion.

Then you wouldn’t have to worry about the addition of this feature :)