Long Range

Can I fly longer if I cruise lower and slower with the a350.

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The A350 is most efficient at M.84-86.
So to put it into simpler words, that’s the speed you want to be cruising at if you want to maximise your range.

That really depends on winds and aircraft weight. fpltoif.com is a great website as that gives you all your stepclimbs and cruise altitudes/speeds


Would it be able to do 24 hours

Well the higher you go the stronger the winds are gone or take if I want to fly longer then 18 hours in the A350 I suggest having no pax nor cargo and have full fuel and fly at FL410 speed M.85 that’s should be fun 😁

The A350 can fly 18 hours with pax and cargo.

He wants to fly for 24 hours

Yeah I know, I was responding to your post.

Stay at below FL340 at .85. For some reason fuel burn is not lower at higher altitudes in IF.
I don’t know if 24 is doable but over 10000nm is definitely possible.

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^Yeah if you do that and take no pax/fuel it’ll go for 24 hours without issue.

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Trust me, it’s possible. I’ve done it before. I just had really favorable tailwinds pushing me the whole time, so I ascended to FL410 and the winds increased. If there’s headwind, go lower. If there’s tailwind, go higher. Simple.

**The caveat being that until they release an update for the app crashes you probably won’t make it past 24 hours lol


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