“Long press anywhere…” notification

The “Long Press Anywhere to Toggle Controls” ruins replays when trying to record. Is there a better way to notify or have it in a replay instruction section prior to beginning a replay?

When toggling views I wish to record it’s always ruined by this notification in the middle of the plane.


I suggest starting the replay section farther out by where or what you want to record. Then you can edit out the section or trim it. I know apple has this in the photos app and Instagram.


That’s fine if I’m only doing one view. But if I’m switching views and long pressing to delete the bar at the bottom, it’s not possible without this notification showing up

Lool I thought I was the only that didn’t fancy this feature. If anything give us the option to toggle on and off or set a timer.

I do find that it’s on the screen for a little too long too.

However the only thing we can do at this time is wait for it to disappear.

You’ll have to start your recording earlier so by the time the “long press anywhere” disappears, your plane will be in the position you want it to be in for your video if that makes sense.


And what if switching views and you want to remove the bottom bar without the flight being interrupted?

I’m afraid you can’t. You’d have to crop the bottom to get rid of the bar on your video.