Long loading times when downloading new aircraft, downloading flight and downloading session

Device: Vivo y15
Operating system : Android 11
Hello everyone!

After 22.7 update I’m facing Long loading times when downloading new aircraft, loading flight and loading session.

This can happen because your phone is too old and IF 22.7 update has more new airplanes and with update size and load of the game increases the ram cant handle load so it can take time

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Hey, sorry to hear about this - can I ask who your internet service provider is? We’re currently investigating some connection issues with some providers in India


This isn’t correct :) RAM has nothing to do with this


But RAM handles the load of each and every app which is opened

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Jio is my internet service provider sir

Yes & no. When it comes to downloading content which is what the topic creator is talking about however - it’s irrelevant.


Thanks! I’ll DM you to see if we can run some diagnostics


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