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Long Island MacArthur Airport has two of the four major US domestic air carriers: American Airlines and Southwest Airlines, who have provided service at ISP for more than 10 years, and on August 16, 2017 Frontier Airlines started non-stop flights to 5 cities and will be expanding to 11 cities by mid 2018. By October 2017, these carriers will provide service to 11 cities nonstop, with same plane and one-stop connecting service to hundreds of destinations in the U.S, Caribbean and Europe. The airport serves 1.2M passengers annually and employs 8,000 people. ISP has recently launched their “Stress Less, Pay Less Campaign.”

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American Eagle:
10/5 - Has Upgraded their KISP - KPHL flights from a DeHavilland Dash 8 to a Embraer 145


PC: Frontier Airlines

Frontier Airlines: ISP is one of its Focus Cities
8/16 - First Service to KISP with a KISP - KMCO route
7/18 - Announced 10 New Non-Stop Destinations from KISP Frontier Airlines HUGE expansion!
Fort Myers
New Orleans
Orlando (Increased to 2x daily)
West Palm Beach

9/19 - Frontier Airlines Announces new route start dates!
Atlanta - ATL - April 8th, 2018
Chicago - ORD - April 8th, 2018
Detroit - DTW - April 8th, 2018
Minneapolis - MSP - April 9th, 2018


PC: Southwest Airlines

Southwest Airlines:
7/27 - Announced New 2x Daily Route (Not connecting/ Stay in your seat) from KISP - KBWI - KRDU
11/2 - Announced an extra flight to KTPA (2x daily)

Southwest’s one-stop, same-plane service to RDU is the latest in a string of recent improvements and marketing success stories at the airport. “We are delighted that our airport can provide new access to an important business market like Raleigh-Durham,” said Angie Carpenter, Town of Islip Supervisor.

So expect alot more changes to come to this great small airport on Long Island (NY) with International Flights coming (2020) and more things to open up Long Island to the world! :)

What airlines / routes would you like to see come to KISP?



Cool Glad Mac Arthur starting to get some love!


From Frontiers First Flight to ISP from MCO on 8/21/17:


Good Thing frontier is getting there but JFK should take most of it anyways so


I love this airport… Frontier is doing amazing here so far. Sold-out flights on their 230 seat a321’s! I’m going to admit I’m very surprised. I knew they’d be pretty good, but not this good.
By the way, that American in the pic is a CRJ-700, not an E145.

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I’m still surprised WN hasn’t responded to Frontier’s new service there. Southwest paid for the construction of their own 7 gate concourse here, and has been the largest carrier at the airport since it came in 1999. Maybe we could see Southwest throw in a few daily nonstops to ATL? They already have nonstops to BWI, FLL, MCO, PBI, and TPA from ISP, about 11-14 daily departures, including 2-4 that stay overnight, and I would definitely welcome more.


I was surprised too… Maybe we could see flights to Houston-Hobby, Las Vegas, Dallas-Love, and Atlanta (As you said)

What is Xtra Airways?? @RTG113

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Its been flying into ISP like every other day.


I believe it’s a charter airline. One flew right over my car on the expressway a few weeks ago, the plane was on final for runway 24.

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Why is it so hard just too google… https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Xtra_Airways

I’m pretty sure that’s not the busiest it’s ever been lol.

It seems like Southwest’s operations at ISP are re-bounding from 5-6 years ago. Most of their flights were only going out 60-70% full, they kept cutting flights, and a lot of people including me were very worried that they would leave ISP.

Now, most Southwest flights at ISP are 90-100% full, and the last few times I flew them ISP-FLL and back the flights were full except for 1-2 open seats. Some people who work for Southwest at ISP tell me that they’re making great money there. They’ve added back more flights which is definitely a good thing!

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I’ve just been told by official airport workers that Frontier will not be doing ISP-CLT service. Anyone know a reason why? It was supposed to be a big hit… so many people here were excited about it!

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I can tell you this though… When/if they do a press release or just even posting it on facebook… They are going to get the nastiest feedback from these people…

Everything from:
"I knew they wouldnt last"
"The Next Spirit"
to even worse.

Maybe this could mean something better though… (Because they arent doing that route, they will do this one… etc)

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I think that ultimately, ISP is destined to be a LCC airport, with some “big airlines” activity. (By big I mean American, Delta, United, etc.) When southwest came in in 1999, a lot of the big airlines (American, Continental, Delta, Northwest, United, etc.) had both mainline and regional service to dozens of destinations across the country.

Southwest came in, with very low fares and tons of daily flights. And, in order to compete with Southwest, which was rapidly expanding at ISP at the time, the big airlines had to lower their fares, and some of them even cut all service. This all happened between 1999-2008.
It’s like the airport today, however American Eagle is the exception. They’re making a great profit here, and if ISP-PHL wasnt such a short flight they could probably do it on an A319 or other small mainline jet if they wanted to.

And of course, Southwest, who acts like they own the whole airport, gets defensive when another airline attempts to start service here. One example is when Allegiant started nonstop service to Punta Gorda in late 2013, Southwest started nonstop service to Fort Myers shortly after, with very low fares and Allegiant ended up pulling out of ISP in Spring 2014. And then Southwest’s fares skyrocket again. They probably see ISP as a good area to make money in (I heard we are one of their most profitable airports) which I definitely don’t have a problem with, but I just wish they would let other airlines have a chance here.

I wonder how/if they will respond to Frontier jacking up service here. They already refused to hand over gates A2-A4 to Frontier (which southwest doesn’t even use anymore) lol.

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I personally think Southwest is taking this thing a bit nastily. Just cool their jets (no pun intended) hand over the empty gates and lower your prices. Let Frontier leave if they can’t handle the competition but by not handing over gates you don’t even use, you are showing your not good side.
Yes competition is there but I need the end both airlines need to learn to work side by side or completely vacate the other.


Agreed. However, in southwests defense, they have stated that they enjoy competition and they have lowered their prices here.


I feel like… Either southwest should hand some gates over for a small fee (or none at all) or they should expand further out of KISP. There are so many more destinations that would do amazingly well out there! :) @RTG113

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I’m going to be honest… at this point I don’t think Southwest even cares about ISP anymore. They haven’t added any new flights/destinations for YEARS. (But a plus is that they haven’t cut any flights for 6 years now) Probably the only reason they stay is that their get their own terminal rent-free, and almost all of their flights go out full.
Meanwhile, they are constantly building up their presence at LGA, and it seems like the more they build up at LGA the more they seem to care less about ISP.

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The Town of Islip is now highly considering on working with LIMA and LIRR to connect the airport directly to the station.

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So, WN has an upcoming schedule extension. My thoughts about what will happen at ISP (all flights daily)
MCO 3x
FLL 2x
PBI 2x
TPA 1x

Pretty much the same thing as their regular summer schedule at ISP.

Realistic Wishlist Of New Destinations:
ATL 1-2X

Unlikely Wishlist Of New Destinations:
LAS 1x
MDW 2-3x
STL 1x

Since the schedule extension is going to be through the summer, that’s why I’ve kept the Florida frequencies low.

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