Long Island Hopping! @KLGA 171500ZJUN19

Hello and welcome to this event of mine today we will be flying all the way down Long Island to Montauk hope you can join us!

Training: Expert

Airport: KLGA

Time: 1500Z (11:00 AM EDT)

This a GA only event I understand most people fly commercial but I would like to switch that up and fly GA for once thanks for attending!

I think you would like to come @dylan_M


Ramp 1: @Sashaz55
Ramp 2: @Pilot_Waters
Ramp 3:
Ramp 4:
Ramp 5:
Ramp 6
Ramp 7:
Ramp 8:
Ramp 9:
Ramp 10:
Ramp 11:
Ramp 12:
Ramp 13:
Ramp 14:
Ramp 15:
Ramp 16:

Route we will be going from KLGA-KFRG-KISP-KFOK-KHTO-KMTP
with touch and goes at each airport Please copy the route from me.

We currently have none but if you would like to sponsor this event please just PM me thanks!

Credit: https://maps.avnwx.com/airport/KLGA


Wait once second I forgot to finish the title please don’t tell me I didn’t.

Ok all fixed you can now sign up!

I cant come as this is too early for me. :(

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Oh ok thanks though.

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I would definitely like to join! I live on Long Island myself😃

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I signed you up thanks for attending @Pilot_Waters

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2 gates taken 14 to go get your gates!

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