Long Hual (Crashed)

I started a flight 12 hours ago from Saudi, Jeddah to Chicago. Right before starting the approach the app crashed!!! (12 hours of flying for nothing)

Even tho I made all geographic quality at lowest, I turned off the anti_Aliasing in addition to remove all the airplane counts. And there was no apps running in the backround.

Just can you imagine waiting all this time to start the approach and this happens 😔😔😔 (it’s not the first time that happened to me, that’s why I made all the mentioned quality changes)

Please fix this ASAP Infinite Flight. it’s really frustrating and I don’t feel like flying anymore because of this…



Keep in mind the advice given is not a guaranteed fix. It’s important and I’ll say it again: The workarounds given do not guarantee a fix to the issue. :)

There’s another workaroujnd you haven’t mentioned doing:

It includes pointing your camera at the sky which stops the code that causes the memory leak which should reduce the crash rate.


Looool, respectively your reply is ironic. you can just say don’t do long flight.

@Tsumia did not say that. Personally, I have completed 18-19 hour flights without issue, using the workaround you used. @Tsumia is simply saying it is not a guaranteed fix for the issue.

Also, this workaround was suggested by IF staff, so I would recommend trying this out too!


There is another way to prevent a crash on a long haul flight.

Many users have found that staying on the Airport view shortly after departure have resolved this temporary issue. By leaving it on this view, scenery cannot be downloaded as your flight progresses. When you are close to your destination after such a long flight, wait until you are about 15 to 20 minutes out from your destination. That way, you’ll only cover a small area of scenery to download as tested by my last night after flying 12 hours from ORD-JED.


You basically said the same as @Tsumia ;) Just a different camera view.


@Tsumia same suggestion.

Thanks to both of you, you guys are very helpful.

And sorry @Tsumia I didn’t get your point earlier now I undersnatd what you mean. Nice tip mate 👍


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