Long hauls

I’m just wandering when does everyone do long hauls I’m starting to do them when I go to work I’m a sacker at a grocery store and I love to fly long hauls to take my mind off of work and make it more enjoyable so when does everyone do their long hauls


Hey mate,

I feel like I’m speaking for a lot of people here when I say that I usually do my long haul flights overnight whilst I’m sleeping. Takeoff in the evening, reach cruising altitude, ensure everything is going smoothly and off to bed I go.

I usually set an alarm to ensure I wake up in time, and then I arm VNAV (once I’ve woken up) and commence my descent into my destination.


I would but I can’t since I have to wake up and my mom would kill me if I landed before school

maybe you could time them so you can land after school? you might have to do the flight like right before you go to sleep tho. I’m actually doing a long haul overnight rn but i’m in homeschool

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I do long hauls when I feel like it

Sometimes I let it fly while going to school,at night like what Declan said or when going out

Hello! How are you? Anyways depends on how long the flight is you know? Last year i did a flight from JFK-DXB (new york to dubai) it was about 13:45 and i started it early in the morning before school and then landed around 8pm that night. Just depends on what your route is and stuff! Hope it helps!

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Hi Declan. Is there any specific app or system that you use to notify you of arming VNAV? I only ask this as winds can play a pivotal role specifically tale winds.

Hey mate,

There is no app that I use for this. I usually just look at the total flight time, and find a flight that gives me plenty of time from when I wake up in the morning till landing to arm VNAV and prepare for descent.

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I tend to do it whenever I get home from school or whenever I have the time to as I also balance work and school so I get the struggle. Try to plan flights ahead of time so that you have plenty of free time ahead of planned arrival. For me those days are Mondays, Wednesdays, and sometimes the weekends. Try to plan like that. Hope this helps!

Thanks mate. I do the same. I’m recently having trouble with ‘IF Flightplan tools’ app, wasn’t sure whether you use that sort of help.

Long hauls are definitely great for overnights. This of course takes some flight planning. I like to be close to descent time shortly after I wake up. Then I just monitor the descent, do my morning wake up stuffs, approach and land. This all goes great with a cup of coffee lol.

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Tbh sometimes I set VNAV before I got to sleep just to make sure that I start descent in time. Ive never got any bios because it’s worked well. But now that I say something to somebody about it, it kind of sounds dumb because I could easily get speed vios.

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welcome to the community mate!

I usually do longhauls in the weekends, as I don’t really have time during the weeks. For very long flights (18 hours or more) I start in the afternoon, around 5pm maybe, and land in the morning. In the evening I do other things like watch TV or do something with my family.

Welcome back to the IFC

I mostly do them overnight

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