Long hauls

So I have an iPhone 11 Pro Max, and by the title i’m tempted to do a long haul but i’m slightly worried about damaging my phone considering that they aren’t cheap. I probably know the answer to this question as I did about 40, 15 Hour flights back in '17 but I just wanna check if anyone has had any experience.

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Why would the phone get damaged?

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High temp? Doesn’t having the screen on damage the phones battery?

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No, they don’t. I did a long haul all night and my phone was find!

Okay I guess lowest graphics and lowest screen brightness will do the trick.

That isn’t even necessary if the phone is charging. Make sure your phone doesn’t get too hot. I’ve done loads of long hauls overnight and I haven’t had an issue, other that overshooting the airport by 500 miles 🙃


I mean better to keep the phone temp low by doing those settings right? I remb streaming Klax to dubai in 2017 and I woke up wayyyy later than I planned lol.

Your phone will be fine. 🙃

I don’t really know if this will answer your question, but I got an IPhone 11 for Christmas but I still use my IPhone 6s for longer flights and let me tell you. If my old IPhone 6s with almost no storage that I’ve had for 4 years can deal with a 13 hour flight (I flew Beijing to Dallas on Sunday) then the 11 will be fun

I’ve done 16 hour flights on 3 year old Android, you won’t damage your phone I’ll guarantee it.

En-route lads I’ll let you know how it goes in the morning!

Maybe it could cause battery damage, but not screen damage. Battery damage due to having it plug in all the time 🙂


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