Long hauls

I have one more question about long hauls. Can I charge my iPad while its flying and I’m asleep

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Yes you can! It’s recommended that you do this as well, for long hauls as the battery may run out!

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Cheers going to bed now as already in cruise for LHR to LAX just wanted to know if it’s safe

No worries. Safe flight! :)

From experience…depending on devices and think about doing this.

  1. Reduce your screen brightness to absolute min and time out you status bar at 10 seconds.

  2. Set to HUD only view and turn off HUD

  3. Don’t do it every night… Umm can’t be stressed enough… You either kill half the life of device or… see no. 5

  4. Keep device plugged in but refer to no 3

  5. If you wear earbuds and fall asleep listing to your flight, you WILL dream about it, especially if you have live ATC running too

  6. Make sure your flight is 2 hours longer than when you plan to wake up

  7. If your flight plan says to step climb in the middle of the night, take on the extra fuel, go to the next flight level early, forget your n1 is in the 90s

  8. If your significant other doesn’t like you doing it, when she/they are in bed with you…don’t!

  9. No matter what you do in flight, nobody cared you burned too much fuel or caused the engine maintenance shop go back into overtime because you did this before.

  10. No matter what you do in the game, nobody died on your flight


Let me add something. If you don’ think your going to wake up in time, put your flight Plan so it flys circles around your destination airport. Trust me this is better than waking up and having your flight into another country!

It’s safe and fun to do

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