Long hauls to EGLL?

Does anyone have a route to London Heathrow (EGLL) that is around 14 hours long? If you do, can you reply with the route and plane used for it? Minimum 14 hours of flight time and maximum 15 and a half hours.


OMBD - EGLL Emirates A380

Perth (YPPH) to London is always a fun one! But that’s about a 17 hour flight…

You can always look on FlightRadar24 and check the inbounds to EGLL and pick from there 🙂


That’s roughly six hrs.
Try London to Buenos Aires. One of my fav routes (out of EDDF though). Another fun one is London to Singapore. These two should be great for your requested flight time. :)


Singapore to London is somewhere around 14 hours, one of my favourite routes. You could fly it in a Qantas A380 as QF1 or in a British Airways 777W as BA16, or you could fly it in a Singapore Airways A380 or 777W as SQ308 or SQ318.

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I don’t think this is a real life route but you can fly PHNL - EGLL which is about 13:30 hours.

Singapore airlines flies the A380 to EGLL in about 13 hours

Perth (YPPH) to London Heathrow (EGLL) in the Qantas Boeing 787-9 to Flight is around 16-17 hours depending on the weather, here is the exact same flight plan they used on the 10th of May 2019:

Flight Plan For QFA9

KEELS T12 MERIB M641 IKASA/N0493F340 M641 PIBED/N0502F340 M641 DOGAR/N0495F360 M641 KAT R461 CJ/N0488F360 R461 KABSO/N0488F370 R461 BBB/N0488F360 M638 KARKU P518 RITPO/N0496F360 P518 PG L124 KEBUD Q13 SODOK T216 DAR UL125 ROVAD/N0483F380 UL125 BUDED UL333 DASIS UL746 ERZ/N0486F400 UL746 ODERO L746 NEPOT L851 DEGET DCT ABETI DCT RENKA UL610 BATTY UL608 BUB/N0477F340 UL608 SUMUM L608 LOGAN

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Go Egyp to egll it is a 14:35 flight time. Do it in a B787-8, Egyp is in north Carolina. Climb at these speeds Below 10,000 250/ Above 10,000 310/ Cruise M.84

You could give Kuala Lumpur to London a try. Malaysia airlines a380, or British Airways 787-9. It is roughly 14 hours


Take either the 747 BA or the United 787-10

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That’s like 9 to 19 hours tho

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Oh, I did this flight a while ago so I didn’t really remember how long it was.

Check flightradar24.com, I think Singapore or Kuala Lumpur should work nice.

Denpasar - London with Garuda 773ER takes around 15/16 hours. You can try it

KSEA-EGLL is nice :)

SCL to LHR is a good one. In real life, British Airways uses the 787 on that route

You could do Garuda Indonesia from London Heathrow to Denpasar, Bali, Indonesia (flight GA87) or Jakarta, Indonesia to London Heathrow (flight GA86) both on the 777-300ER and both are direct flights. It’s a nice scenic route as well. Probably my favourite of that flight time area 😊

MNL-LHR is a nice 14hr route. Philippine Airlines currently uses the A350 on this route, but you can use the 777W, as it was used before this.

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