Long hauls tips

Hey guys, i´ve been flying for a long but i hve a problem and is that every time i want to do a long haul the app crashes or when i see, the app is not in screen. Any tips for the long haul and a solution so my phone dont crashes anymore? Thanks

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I recommend
•Lowering graphics to lowest setting
•Turn “Anti Aliasing” off
•Turn down screen brightness
•Turn off Hud
•Restart your device before flying
•Clear RAM by holding down power button until slider comes up, then hold he home button
•Set time to “Night”
•Turn off airplane dots, airplane names, and airport names in settings
•Turn on Low Power Mode in “Settings”
•Set view to “Scenic View”

Providing your device would also be helpful as some devices are not powerful enough to run global.



Restart before every flight and turn the brightness down on the screen and plug your device in

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Thanks guys, i’ll try that!

Why not:

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Also set it to scenic mode before you sleep :)


Yes, set it to scenic mode so the display changes. Helps prevent screen burn in. Like a screensaver.


But which scenic? Because there are scenic modes now

Either of them can do ;)!

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I’d recommend running this not on your phone it will wear on your battery basically use a tablet

So long as the picture on the screen is moving, it’s fine.

Thanks man! Really helpful :D

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