Long hauls on main device

Is it safe to fly long hauls on your main device like your phone? Will it destroy battery health.

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Is it safe? Yes.
Is it practical? Not really.

It won’t affect battery life too much if you don’t do overnights every night, but with low settings and the fps limiter and such, you are pretty much set

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Destroy is a strong word but yes it will significantly affect it.

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Uh-oh… not me doing overnights and ultra long hails every other day*


my battery will fall into pieces very soon

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I did a 7 hour but during the day and I don’t know if I’m comfortable with my
Phone that I use for everything going overnight

i’ve been using my main device for more than a year and it isn’t really that bad… i’ve been keeping flights for almost 24 hours everyday until recently because of college, but i haven’t seen any significant change in battery life or anything like that (yet).

Willmy device overheat?

I’ve done it and it isn’t that bad

Lower brightness, sound, set fps to 30 if you want lower graphics and it should be fine :)

I may try it then

I’m about to do an overnight flight and I’m concerned about my battery power

Let me know how it goes

As an Apple Developer, I do not recommend charging your device during a long-haul flight. This can significantly damage the battery capacity of your device.

If you must charge your device, I recommend lowering the brightness and graphics settings to reduce the performance requirements of your device’s chip.

What if my device will die otherwise?

What device are you using?

This used to be me in high school and eventually my phone got to the point where if you took it off the charger it would go from 100 to 0 in 10 seconds. Then I did my 91 hour flight and it didn’t turn on again.


The point is this, you do this it’s okay to space it every few days, not every night because every technology will definitely shrink, if your device supports cutting current when charging at a certain percentage of the battery it may help a little, but remember not to overdo it.

I have a question Is there any way to reduce flight time? I will be flying from Reunion Island to Paris which is 10:47 hours but 10 hours is too long. I’ll be flying a boring 777

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