Long Hauls into KDAL (Love Field)

Hello everyone, just have a quick question in light of the ATC schedule tomorrow which will be featuring KDAL.

I would like to use a widebody for a long haul out or in to KDAL, however currently the gate structure doesn’t allow for such planes to park.

There is precedent for this however–back when Love Field was the main airport in Dallas (pre DFW days) Braniff, American and Delta all flew the 747 into Love Field.

Therefore if I were to fly to KDAL would I be turned away by ATC for the aircraft being too large?

Thanks and happy flying!

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Currently no long hauls into DAL

I would think that if IF devs had made it so you can’t fly a big aircraft into an airport, that is pretty realistic

(That is excluding the mismatched gates at SFO, but that’s not the point)

You could probably fly a long haul into KDAL with a Cessna Citation or a 737 BBJ, but that’s about it as DAL can’t handle larger aircraft :)

747’s are no longer allowed at love field I believe. I grew up in Dallas and have flown out of both DFW and DAL many many times.

C750 out of it. Bunch of privates fly out of Dallas Love.

Interesting fact- I didn’t know DAL served heavies back in the day- but sadly you kind of make my point here- DAL served widebodies before DFW was around, and now that it is around, widebodies do not fly into DAL. This is why I believe that you won’t be able to fly any widebody long hauls, as DAL no longer has the ability to handle them. You most certainly can fly narrowbody long hauls as talked about earlier with the CCX or BBJ.

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Please do not fly any long hauls into KDAL, unless it’s a private aircraft. There are no parking spots capable of handling one. No bigger than a 757 comes here regularly.

Edit: Air Force One visits on occasion


Best idea is to do a medium haul into Love Field on either Southwest or Alaska in one of their 737’s.

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Actually most privates fly out of Addison or Sherman.

Hope you enjoyed your flight :)

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