Long hauls into Jeddah

Looking to fly a long haul route into Jeddah. Does anyone know any ideally Saudi 773? (13-15 hours) Thanks!

KIAD - Jeddah, Saudia 77W


Flightconnections.com i personally recommend this as you can choose your airport you would like and see all flights.

I believe most US airports are 15hour flights.

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KLAX - OEJN , Saudia 77W , Estimated flight time is 14:35

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Thanks will probably do this tonight

KJFK - OEJN in the Saudia B77W. Estimated flight time is 11:30

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Air Maroc flies the 787 there, nice route close to the Mediterranean

Before covid, SV42 LAX-JED about 14:30 (probably closer to 14 in IF).

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For looking for flights, I recommend using flightconections.com.

Here are flights from Jeddah using that website: https://www.flightconnections.com/flights-from-jeddah-jed

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The longest flight i see is about 15 hrs and that’s from Los angeles

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