Long Haul!

Anyone know how long New york to india is roughly in infinite flight
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About 13-14 hours, depending on the city you fly to.

If I were to guess based on experience, that’s a 14 hour flight.

Depends which city in India but it can take from 13-15hrs

The beauty of infinite flight is that all flights take exactly as long as they would in the real world given the day’s conditions. A typical New York to India (Delhi) flight takes around 13-14 hours. Therefore, in Infinite Flight, it should also take around 13-14 hours!

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in response does landing in a inactive runway in expert server give you a violation or not.
i just started the flight ( thanks for all the help with the flight time ). I am landing on a inactive bc it is better with my flight path.

An Red runway doesn’t mean it is closed. It just means that there is a tailwind, thus the wind is less favourable for use. That’ll only become an issue once ATC is present.

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thanks man 👍

If you’re planning New York JFK-Mumbai (3D on both sides) then it usually takes around 15 hours.😉

took me 14:07

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Nice! Hope you liked it! Especially Mumbai T2!

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I recommend using Flight Aware, you just plug in a route and it shows you how long it is, the real flight number, flight plan, etc.

yeah my dads a pilot so i follow his flights using the app

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KJFK-VIDP is around 12.30hrs to 13.30hrs varies day to day as per the winds
KEWR-VABB is around 14, KEWR-VIDP again around 13hrs roughly

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