Long haul?

So guys im gonna get a second device soon but for now im with my iphone 8 and on weekends i wanna fly long hauls
So when going to bed do i put the phone in the charger? or what percent do u guys recommend me to have my phone on when i go to sleep?
And can i do 10+ hour flights overnight?


I plug in my device and fly I try to drain my battery around 10% and charge it all night .


Well once i went to sports left my phone in the charger. Around 40% came back 2 hours later and it was overheating. So im scared to do such flights. What device do u use?

I use an iPhone 6s and what I normally do it before I sleep I put airplane count to none Graphics to Low and turn on frame rate limit on.

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hm so drain to 10% right? I will try to plug my device in a playstation so it charges slower will that work?

Draining it to 10% is my preference you can go somewhere near the amount

Ok i will try it next time. Thanks for your help!

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Also to charge your phone slowly I would recommend the small powerbricks given by apple because you will need to turn on your playstation in order for it to charge. and leaving it on all night will overheat it

No restmode works too. And my playstation is next to my bed so i can check it very easily

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I just let my iPad plugged to the charger
The hint for it not overheat is put all the graphics to low, turn off Anti Aliasing and check the “limit frame rate” box just before you leave your device
I do this since June and never had a problem

And preferably dont’t place it on textiles, because the heat won’t be exchanged with the surrounding.
Instead “lean” it against a wall or something, so it is surrounded by air and the heat can be exchanged better by thermal convection processes.


I seldom do it on night. My alarm will wake up my mum.

I mean 4:00am😂😂

My phone will get very hot when I take it again and so early to wake up will effect your performance

Yes, an iPhone should be able to last the 10 hour duration while charged.

However, be very careful because Apple devices are notorious for corrosion after constantly being charged. That’s what happened to my iPad Pro 2015 and the battery health went down the drain really fast. So much so that I need to charge the device now for only an hour of use. It drains like 5% every minute.

I recommend starting the flight at around 90-95%, let the device use the battery till 20-25%, then begin charging back only till 90-95%. Essentially, don’t let the battery cycle restart (let the phone die or charge full to 100%). This helps preserve battery longevity.

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Also, if you are on the market for a new device, I recommend the iPad Pro 2020. It’s quite expensive, but a single battery charge, while flying IF on the low power mode, will get you a solid 10 hours of flight.

Check my review here for a full picture:


Additionally, you can remove the case of your device. The back of the devices is often used to get rid of the heat. Also, lay your device on something like wood, so the heat can be removed better. Moreover, you should turn down the screen brightness. This is what I usually do when flying long-hauls and it prevents my device from overheating

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So should i leave it in the charger or not? For overnight flights

I am speaking as a longhauler 6000+ hours …I do 10+ almost everyday on my iPad Pro 2nd Gen 64gb…I use it 90% for IF, I have never flown IF on my iPhone. I max out my graphics, anti-liasing on… Now this is what has worked for me, I used to plug in my device with less than 50% and my device overheat…now apple has proprietary features(I guess) in their chargers which will stop charging a device if its temperature exceeds a certain amount…( Had to buy a second charger for this reason) anyway, so checking on my device after several hours I would realize that it was overheating, it was barely charging or was close to 15%😳 whaaat it was plugged in all that time… So I came up with a formula that has worked for me like a charm. Before a long flight my iPad is always at 90%+ once I reach cruise I plug in the charger. I leave the max settings as is…High aircraft count etc… Soon the charge hits 100% and stays there( even on a WSSS to KEWR trip) Now if I am not at my device enjoying the views of all the landscapes I am flying over…I tap on the Account icon and leave the fight on this screen…I lower screen brightness too. I then occasionally check on my flight parameters…step climbing etc after hours and return to the account screen. Previously my screen would heat up to over 105F (and glitch)nowadays it never goes above 83F and no glitches. My replays quality is not affected either. My device is “old” I even considered buying another one but one I figure this out I will be keeping it around for a long time.
Hope this info helps someone out there. Attached are the photos on my account screen on my current 10+ longhaul to YPAD and my screen temperature.Additionally, my iPad is secured in a heavy case…I don’t think it affects the temperature either. And yes I do longhauls overnight.


I fly on an iPhone XR. before heading off to bed I turn down the brightness and put it on the map, that way it’s as dark as possible. I leave it on my wireless charger for the night and in the morning it always has around 80 percent and doesn’t overheat. This is good because it’s bad for your battery life to keep it at 100 percent for a while.

For 10+ flights I would start at night, in case you don’t have to wake up at 3:00-6:00AM. And I squally sleep at midnight when I’m tired, so I’m awake, and ready for landing later on.

Well i have a wireless charger i will try that