Long haul violations in expert

So lately I’ve been doing ton of long hauls in expert and so far nothing has happened because I usually sleep most the time and hopefully it stays that that way but I’m always Scared of I getting 1000 violations because I’m sleeping while I overspend idk probably because the headwinds are too fast or my planes shaking too much due to turbulence that he lane loses control and over speeds anyone know what I can do. Prevent this? Or like if I do is it possible to remove them when you get them the only thing I’m scared of from this game a the most terrifying thing to happen please help

That is one of the longest run-on sentences I’ve ever seen. That beside, it’s highly unlikely you will receive any violations if you’ve correctly set up your aircraft and flight, for example having a valid FPL, and suitable altitude for your aircrafts weight, flight duration and wind conditions just to name a few. It’s nothing to loose sleep over.

As for the A321, I don’t recommend leaving it unattended on long flights. It is prone to lose control on autopilot during strong winds due to the way the model is programmed. The newer models have nothing to worry about.


I’m on a 787-8 cruising at 34,000 o way to San Francisco from Dubai I’m 15 hours out you think it will be fine? I was at mtow for the weight like 75% passengers and full load of fuel and 75% also of cargo you think I will be fine

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Absolutely, it sounds like an appropriate altitude and load, why would it be any different to any other long haul flight? You should arrive safely as long as you planned fuel correctly. I’ve been through 140kt winds during cruise on Infinite Flight and reached my destination fine. Also many 15+ hour flights which have been uneventful.

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Thanks!! Just scared of getting hundreds of violations because I’m be sleeping most the time so yea lol

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It would be impossible to receive hundreds of violations considering you get a ghost at 6 violations (I think) which pretty much ensures you don’t receive any more.

Ohhh ok 👌 Lol this still scary lol I’m doing .80 the max is like .85 right just so I don’t get like violations lol when the throttle goes haywire sometimes where goes up and down constantly super fast lol because of the headwinds

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You should be fine to advance your speed to Mach 0.85. This is the speed the 787 is designed to cruise at. If you don’t feel safe at that speed due to wind (maybe the throttle is over 91% N1) of course you can reduce speed a little. Btw the throttle moves up and down rapidly due to IF’s A/P programming so don’t mind that.

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It’s the risk you run by leaving the flight unattended. But, you can do your best to prevent it by giving yourself a large airspeed buffer and hoping the winds don’t change.

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I use Simbrief and it tells me what speed to go at which point in my flight. I’ve never had a problem with it before, so maybe you could try that.


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