Long Haul to Chile

Hello IFC! This is my first Screenshots on this forum

Flight details

Expert server
Flight time 8H54M

I also unintentionally did the same flight near the same time as @Ecoops123

At the gate loading up goods and passengers

Hello @Ecoops123

Lining up with the runway

On takeoff roll

Climbing out of Dallas

Cruising at FL360

Doing a 360 into Santiago

Vacating the runway

In the gate at Santiago with Ecoops Pulling into the gate in the background

SAS 350 In the gate next to me

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Thanks for including me, it was a fun flight! Just so you know, you need to have the HUD removed on the 3 photos with it, as by the #screenshots-and-videos rules 😊


Hi! Great photos.

The #screenshots-and-videos topic requires that you remove the HUD with all the photos.


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Does the timeline count as HUD?

Yes, that does.

Your picture look so good !

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Thank you :)