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Hi Community!

In 2 days time I will take QF4 back home to Sydney from Honolulu and was wanting some tips for “staying alive” on this flight…

Here is some flight info:
Airline: Qantas Airways
Aircraft: A330-300
Flight Time: 10:30mins
Seat: 53A (I think) it is a windows seat. Just aswell I’m sitting with family


Try to sleep for your destination time zone!


Also from experience I would pick an aisle seat as it gives you the freedom to get up and move! There is nothing worse than wanting to go to the toilet and being on a window seat with two people asleep outside of you! Cue moral dilemma of do I really need the toilet badly enough to wake them up! If you’re in the aisle you are free!


I would argue that and say take a window seat therefore you aren’t woken up by people needing to get out of there seats or walking by in the aisle.


If your plane is departing from Honolulu in the morning then if I’ve done my calculations correct, you should be arriving at Sydney in the morning. If that’s the acse for you then i highly recommend that you sleep as much as possible during the flight. This will reduce your jetlag tremendously.

But if you are landing at Sydney during the evening or night time then don’t sleep more than 2 or 3h because upon arrival if it’s night, you should go to sleep and not stay awake. So even if you’re good at adjusting your sleep schedule, i still don’t recomend sleeping if you’re arrival time at your dest… is at night.

Sleep if you’re arriving in the morning at Sydney.
Don’t sleep much or at all if you’re arriving during evening or night.

Other than that there’s not much you can do… maybe make a good use of their In-Flight Entertainment System… (Don’t know of they have one on A330 or even if it’s good, don’t judge, I’ve never flow ln with Qantas)

Edit: See if you’re allowed to speak with the pilots, take walk down the aisle. Sitting still for consecutive hours is dangerous and lastly stay hydrated as the air is very dry at higher attitudes. Maybe talk to other passenger passengers?


I can sleep through pretty much anything so people walking past is not an issue for me


For me, try to load up your gadgets with movie or games,because most IFE on planes don’t have great contents,charge the battery before your flight and prepare battery banks… since youre seating in the window, try to go to the toilet before boarding the plane…

  • Bring a neck pillow
  • Make sure you have comfy headphones
  • Drink lots and lots of water during the flight. Not too much before or you’ll be going to the toilet too many times
  • Bring some sort of hand towels to refresh yourself/clean hands before food
  • Wear loosely fitting clothes
  • Take your shoes off [wear clean socks so they don’t smell]
  • Use the pillow they give [I assume] as a back, not head, support
  • Don’t forget to download any music or films you want on your devices before you fly. WiFi sucks normally, if they have it at all

Honolulu to Sydney? You’ll be absolutely fine. But I’ll refer you to the trusty old Virgin Australia animation:


Binge watch movies, sleep, bring plenty of snacks and you’ll fly through the whole thing! (😉)


Watch as many movies as u can:)

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You might find some information here:

Ok, so I looked up QF4 on FlightAware.

You will be taking off in the morning in Honolulu time and will land around evening Sydney time. What I am suggesting is that you try to stay awake during the whole flight. Then, you can sleep at night over at Sydney.

On the flight, try this:

  • What @MishaCamp said above
  • Skip breakfast
  • Have a big lunch at the airport or when you get on the plane
  • Maybe have some snacks during your flight, but not anything too big
  • If your plane has a seat plug, use that to charge your phone or any device as you chill around on it
  • Your plane is most likely going to be an A333 or A332, so it will most likely have TVs. Maybe watch a movie on the TVs.
  • Since your flight is going to be around 10 hours, get up and stretch every 1-2 hours to keep the blood flowing in your legs. Maybe walk up and down the aisle if it is clear. Since it looks like you are going to be sitting at the window seat, ask your fellow passengers to move and pretend you are going to the bathroom (to get the blood flowing).
  • If there is a line at the bathroom, stretch while you wait and move your legs around (basically wiggle them).

My flight departs Honolulu at 10:30am and arrives in Sydney at 5:10pm (the same day) so I can’t sleep.

Thanks for all those tips! I will try to use them all…

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Thanks for that advice!

Get one of those sleep pillow things and sleep. Play a game of crosswords puzzles, i literally spent 1.5 hours on crossword puzzles on a flight. You can read also and watch TV. I suggest reading the entire inflight magazine, it is crazy the amount of info in them. Make sure to walk up and down the aisles every 2-3 hours for 5-10 minutes to avoid cramping.

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@Adam_S If your flight departs Honolulu at 10:30am, then it is already 6:30am the next day. So say you are leaving Honolulu at 10:30AM on Tuesday, you will be landing at 5:10PM on Wednesday (not the same day).

As you are taking off in the morning and landing in the evening after a 10 hour flight, I would try and stay awake for most of the flight and take a short nap here or there. That way once you land you can stay awake for a bit and then sleep and you should automatically be adjusted to the time difference.

That’s if he will be in economy

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Yes, but only because of the International Date Line.