Long haul tips

when i first flew a long haul flight it was a pain in the neck so i came up with a few tips you could follow to make this a bit easier for you.
First go and get a FPL could be from a website such as flightplanningdatabase or your own made but do not just click on a airport to go to it lead your climb and approach.
then always use an active runway i have seen so many people take of from inactive runway but why do we need to do that well it is simple if you take off for example runway 34 at zurich is almost always inactive if you take off from runway 34 plane needs more power to be able to accelerate and if you take of at 150 knots you will stall.cruise should never be more than 0.91mach
next rate of climb it should always be 2800 v/s o rate of descent and landing rate of descent depends on two factors distance and speed, first distance descend early but not late so if you are at a high altitude start descent at -1500 never descent at a higher rate than -1800.the speed well your ideal descent speed under 20000 should be 240 at the max and above 20000 290 knots and below 10000 220 knots and touch down speed should be at 155 knots. hope this helps you :)

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Never higher than .86 for me.


depends on the aircraft really

Thanks for the awesome advice, hopefully it will help me and others in the future 😊

There are 2 reasons for this by the way

  1. The other side of the runway is designated with yellow (Crosswind) and the wind is pretty tough at that condition
  2. Most of people will follow the traffic. Even if the traffic used on inactive runway, I’ll try to follow it if possible

Anyway, like @Kevin_Potthast mentioned earlier. It’s highly advisable to cruise at M0.91. Even though you are able to cruise at that speed with 787, but that speed is too close to the overspeed limit and could get you some violations

Usually, my (Maximum) cruise speed is

  • 777 : 0.84
  • 787 : 0.85
  • A320/737 : 0.78

ok nice to see you found it help ful

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If you can cite one commercial aircraft that is in Infinite Flight that cruises that high, please send me a PM.

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that is why i didn’t let anyone go over it i did say max you know

mine are a little bit higher


Thank you for taking the time to gather some information however I would take a look at our #tutorials section and see how those guides are presented. This is very hard to follow and there is some information in here that is misleading. Aviation especially when it comes to flying the aircraft is a very dynamic environment which means there’s a slew of variables that can alter how one generates a flight plan, takeoff and descent profiles, fuel, alternate route and so on. These types of threads get messy as this one already did right out of the gate.