Long Haul tips welcomed! “It’s been a while”

My main tip is make sure it’s plugged in.


Won’t that drain your battery? Sometimes your tablet even blows up

Turn on low power mode so you save battery.

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keeping it plugged in won’t drain battery? That’s what i do with mine and it’s lasted a 22 hour flight

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I suggest reading this so you will be successful.

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I recommend enabling automatic low power mode within IF, making sure the volume and bringtness are all the way down, and also leaving the device plugged in for the duration of the flight. This usually works very well for me and we have a similar iPad model. Hope this helps!

Your tablet will be fine. Electronic devices have lots of safety features, you use a laptop plugged in so why not a tablet? I have done many long haul flights since global was released. Turn on limit frame rate and low power mode, and ensure the tablet is plugged in otherwise it will likely run out of juice.


I dont have low battery mode so I usually turn down the brightness

It’s a setting on IF

Infinite flight has its own low power mode. You can enable it in settings —> general within the sim.

Yes I have it on but for some reason when it turns on right next second it says disabled

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It automatically disables when it’s in use e.g. any contact with the controls. It’s there for when the device is just flying, then it will reduce power consumption

Make sure you don’t touch the screen. Touching the screen automatically turns it off. Don’t worry though, it will re enable after you leave it be for a certain amount of time.

Oh ok thanks! I just hope my iPad won’t have a crazy batter after or even blows up

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I can assure you that the chances of that happening are extremely slim. ;) have a good flight!

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Thanks! I. cant wait

This is actually wrong. The iPad 2017 has superb battery and keeping it plugged in destroys its superb battery life. The iPad 2017 will have 16 hours of battery usually and 20 if you take every measure to have a good battery run. Such as taking off, going into super low power mode then unplug it and leave the device till it’s at 1%

I already probably destroyed my battery now my battery at 100% last for 5 hours

I keep good graphics while I’m looking at the sim but when I leave it to run by itself, I reduce everything to low to make sure the game doesn’t crash.