Long Haul tips on conserving battery life

Also turn the volume down a little when doing long hauls it helps

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Here’s what you should do;

When at the gate:

  1. Turn down the brightness to a level thats easy to see but not too bright.
  2. Make sure all your apps are cleaned out of RAM (accept for Infinite flight)
  3. Limit frame rate (This will compromise on experience, so this is very optional)

When cruising:

  1. Make sure Infinite flight’s built-in low power mode is enabled (this will limit the frame rate significantly after a certain amount of inactivity)
  2. If you are not going to monitor the flight, turn down the brightness completely (to save even more juice, enable accessibility shortcut and use “Reduce white point” which will reduce the brightness beyond the minimum)
  3. Turn down the sound

Other things you should do:
Turn off Background App refresh (this will also improve performance)
Use a faster charger;
With iPads Apple includes the 12W charger which charges the iPad quite slowly, if you can afford it, get a charger with 18W or higher. You can find Apple’s own one here, if you do buy this you will also need the USB-C to lightning cable (here).

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