Long Haul tips on conserving battery life

Hi guys :) ,
I’m starting to do more long hauls now because they’re extremely fun :) . I loved the one I did to Muscat. My main question is how do you conserve battery life every time you do a long haul? For yesterday, I just kept my iPad plugged into my charger the whole time, but I noticed it was at 39% when I was done. I’m about to do another long haul shortly :) .

The only ideas I had was turn all the notifications off and find the battery saver button in IF. Are there any other ideas? Thank you :)


Low power mode on IF, limit frame rate and turn your brightness down once at cruise. This is what I do and it keeps the battery lasting twice as long.


Thank you :) I’ll give that a try shortly :)


I normally do not bump threads up but just wanted to give an update :) Thank you to Chatta for the suggestions on my topic from this morning. I was able to do my long haul flight on low power mode and I had my brightness turned down once I got to 37,000 feet . Everything went smoothly from take off to landing where my iPad ‘s battery was concerned :) . I found my iPad at 100% and lets just say, this is just the beginning with me doing long haul journeys more often. Thanks again :D .

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Hey guys,
This holidays I’m planning on doing a 100-hour flight (longest in IF) so here are some tips:

  • If it’s really long/you can’t be at the device the entire time then you should fly on casual.

  • Low power mode.

  • Limit frame rate and graphics.

  • Keep your device on charge.

  • Turn the brightness down as much as possible (you can turn it completely down at night).

Warning, I have heard of having inflight problems after the 70th flight hour!

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I don’t know of anyone who stays at they”re device for a 4 hour cross country, meswell a 9 hour transatlantic. And people do those on Expert all the time, as long as you’re present for critical phases of flight, and have good fuel planning and check upon it, you’re fine…


Thank you :) . I do fly the long hauls in expert but I check pretty often. I also use LiveFlight to see how things are going :)

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Close all background apps and everything that has been mentioned above, also do not disturb as notifications cause a slight stutter

good luck on a 100 hour flight but i wouldn’t recommend keeping your device on for 100 hours non stop

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I disagree, I was flying on training above 10,000 at 280kts and got an overspeed violation as it must and descended at some time.

Were you using a VNAV app? The aircraft wolnt just dip below 10k. You’re Mach May have been too high as well, frankly you should have no problem at cruse if everything is properly set up…

No I don’t use any other app for IF except for sometimes and checklist one. The mach wasn’t to high, I was clearly in the right range. I’ve been told that it does it goes under for faster if you haven’t touched the device in a few hours.

It doesn’t speed you up automatically, but winds could have affected it…

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All I can say is that I have nearly 2,000 hours, most of which on long haul flights, and I never had an issue eaven though I only was present for critical phases of flight…


Try and lower the quality of the rendering

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I nice tip to combat overheating is to chuck your device on an ice pack


I’m surprised most of you long haulers don’t have pixel damage from leaving your devices on so long. My average flight is around 2 hours, 4 hours max.

Anyways, limit your frame rate, enable low battery mode, and lower your brightness will do the trick for your battery. It’s not a bad idea to restart your device before you do a long haul.

To help reduce the risk of pixel damage or burn in i would…

  • Turn brightness all the way down
  • Auto-hide the menu and status bar
  • Disable HUD and/or set the camera to scenic so pixels are being evenly used

can someone educate me what a pixel damage is? not an ipad user but i am about to buy an ipad,

is it the screen getting too hot that it might melt your finger if you touch it?! if so how to prevent that? if lower my brightness and have limit frame rate On, low power mode On, hide HUD and user Interface, and just keep the status bar below, graphics at medium, < will that help the device from not burning itself?!

What I do:

  1. Turn on low power mode
  2. put the graphics to low
  3. put the screen brightness to as low as possable
  4. lower your volume

Hope that helped :)

  • IFS

If you have an iPhone put it in low power mode, and have IF also in low power mode. This help me

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