Long haul suggestions?

I wanna do a long haul tonight that’s 9-10 hours, any suggestions it can be any aircraft any airport any airline


For this, I’d suggest a flight from Australia to Asia like SYD-HND or something like that

That’s good I’ll think about it we’ll see if any more suggestions get thrown out here but i almost never fly in Australia so that’s good

Or maybe a pacific like Beijing to Vancouver, Paris to Vancouver
I know those may not match but that’s my best bet

Before this gets closed, Tokyo to Los Angeles is a good one, just under 10 hrs

A Classic one is LAX to LHR Bristish Airways 773

Yes theese at all good thanks I’ll definitely do one of them

Sorry if i am typing a lot but you could do HKG-CPH, HKG-CDG or some flights from south china to Europe

The more suggestions the better idk why but I am not good at picking a long haul to do but I love to do them

Ok I’m gonna do NRT-LAX on either atlas 747 400 or nippon cargo 747-8 both are IRL flights but all I am gonna do all the suggestions on here at some point


DTW-LHR is a good one!

Normal, I made it my game for wide-body for the longest haul from KBOS/BOS to PHNL/HNL in less than 10 hours on IF.

There seems to be a large abundance of these topics, since your looking for a long haul, try looking at this topic.


Do NZAA-LIS (aka LPPT) in the A339. It’s a pretty short flight just over 25 hours, I suggest you try it out!!

Yes it is and dtw is my home airport but that flight is only….7…8 hours? Not quite long enough for what I’m looking for but I’m sure I’ll do it at some point

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Maybe DTW- HND or smth like that would be better

guangzhou to auckland