Long haul suggestions

how long in specific?

10-13 hours

I guess EFHK-KLAX, Finnair A350


I recommend EDDM-KDEN in the Lufty A350

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I kinda already did that last night except I did heathrow to la

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Hello, Please try looking here!

[New/Updated Routes] Suggested Routes | 2020

Suggested Routes | 2021

How to Find a Route to Fly


An all-time favorite long haul of mine is ICN-JFK in the Asiana A359

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EFHK-VTSG Finnair A350

A good one. KEWR-VIDP 13hr long
united 77W


Swiss 773

One of my favorite routes…

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Malaysia Airlines Boeing 777-200ER.

KIL/WMKK - HNL/PHNL: 10h 42m

HNL/PHNL - KUL/WMKK: 11h 4m.

Total: 21h 46m.

KJFK - OMDB in the 777-300ER is about 12h 30m

KJFK-VIDP is about 13 ish hours i’d say. It’s pretty fun


KSFO (San Francisco) - WSSS (Singapore)

United 787-9 or Singapore A359

11-12 hours if I’m not mistaken

Our route database is always a good place to look 🤫 I believe there’s about 3000 or so routes to choose from 😁

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I am still checking links despite the fact that its the 2nd of April…

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You could do NZAA-KSFO it’s roughly 14 hours.

This will be Fun

Qantas 789

😂 don’t worry it’s legit

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