Long Haul Speedrun

Lol just spedrun KJFK-EGGL in 4 hrs doing Mach 1.25 the whole time! Some photos:


Did that once in a 747 with mad tailwinds. Forgot the time but it was really quick.


KBOS actually

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78X can go even faster.
And if stopovers are allowed F22 may be faster.

f22 doesn’t count it’s not a airliner

I never expected people to speedrun in Infinite Flight :rofl:

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TBH this is kinda dumb because it’s basically who can get the fastest winds in a 78X
If you allow F22 stopovers it becomes more interesting. There is then a tradeoff between faster speeds and longer legs.

ok bud just be that way

You mean EGLL, right?

Speedruns are everywhere now

Even flight simulators

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Kinda confused is this a challenge or sharing photos and a flight? If so this topic should be in #screenshots-and-videos rather then #general.

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