Long Haul Scenic Flight

image Stunning 14hr scenic flight (VHHH-KDFW) with an amazing 07R departure from VHHH over Discovery Bay!

Images speak for themselves…
image image



Hey! Nice screenshots, but there can be only 10 photos each thread. You have 13 photos in total and fix that please.

Edit: Literay, you just added more photos, there is 10 photos limited each thread. Please delete some of the images and you need to be at 10. It’s simple.


Thanks for the heads up.
Edited ;)

Hey, umm, this photo has the hud and control screen which is not allowed. Maybe you could delete it?

Not to mention the fact that you have 23 pictures

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Nice pics! Just make sure you follow the rules.

G’day @L_25 but make sure to follow the rules as stated with @MishaCamp in his post.

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