Long haul routes

Anyone have any flight that are 10-11 hrs non stop

Check this out here: Infinite Flight FPL Converter

You can pick a departure or arrival airport you want, the duration of the flight, etc. and it will give you a randomized route based on plans people have already completed beforehand. It’s a really good tool if you’re unsure what you want to fly

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i asked for routes that are fun not for a website that i can find them
sorry for being rude but that’s not what i’m looking for

But you’re asking people on a website for routes lol.

The site I linked to you are routes that people on Infinite Flight have flown before.

Also, we are trying to limit these types of questions as many people have made them in the past. I’d even look around the forum for similar topics and what routes users gave them

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yeah sure
just most of the time i get a good answer not another website

I think doing some research or searching for similar topics would be way more beneficial than just asking on the forum. Looking at your previous topics, most of them could be answered with basic research 🙂