Long Haul Routes

Any route suggestions for flights to sfo or lax between 10 and 13 hours?

I would head over to FPLtoIF and you can put parameters in and it will give you suggested routes under the random flight generator

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also for real flights check this out… https://www.flightsfrom.com/LAX

Pretty much anything in Europe to lax or sfo. LHR-LAX is a popular route that’s just over 10 hours and is operated by:

  • Virgin Atlantic B789

  • Brutish Airways B789

  • United b777-300 which IF doesn’t have so if you want you could use the b777-200

You can also check this out, it had a ton of cool routes :)

Dublin! Aer Lingus A350.

Ahhh @CaptainHugh. EI A330 (Generic as it’s not yet in the sim)

Adding on:

For future reference, I added the 737 thread :)

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LFPG-KLAX 10-11 hours

Oops sorry… add the EI A330

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Fly to and from Manila with the PAL B744, B77W or A359.

Applicable for both KSFO and KLAX! It is approximately 13 hours and 30 minutes.

Hey you can use what @Drummer and @GameBoy_KIRB used but there are more… you can also use flight connections, https://www.flightconnections.com/flights-from-los-angeles-lax

Yes very late but enjoy! hope it helps!