Long haul routes

Hello can you suggest a long haul flight from HKG or PVG to europe and north america that exceeds 11 - 15 hours

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Well here are some new ones, you can take a look here.

This is the old one but still has good routes.

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I would recommend KIAH-RCTP

VHHH-KEWR United 777-200ER or VHHH-KJFK Cathay Pacific 777-300ER

One route I usually do is EGLL - KLAX in the British Airways 787-9, or 777-300ER/LR. You will need to step climb at first. I also use Infinite Flight Assistant by John Goering.

Hope this helps, and have a great flight!

I flew RCTP-KLAX on Monday. It was an enjoyable flight.

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Singapore to New York >;)

9.5 k miles >;)

thank you for the suggestions :)

l really suggest you fly from ZUCK-EGLL.

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