Long haul risks in the long run

I’ve been doing a lot of long hauls recently, around 60+ hours of flight time this week, and I’m planning to do more. But I’m just wondering, are there any risks involved, like shortening your device’s battery life, if you consistently leave your iPad on for 10+ hours a day? And other there any other risks in the future that I may encounter if I keep doing long hauls?


If you just leave the charger in all the time if you are doing a long haul this is going to affect your device in the long run.

But what if I don’t? Will it be ok?

No, if you don’t charge it you will not make it anything that is longer than 8 hours i think. @Kirito_77 knows a lot about this things you can ask him :)

I’ve been doing daily long hauls for a month or so, and nothing has gone wrong yet. I think your device will be fine :)

You could suffer burn-in, so turn your brightness down for long hauls, and if you go over around 70 hours in one flight, the app will crash and you’ll lose the flight time. Other than that, not many risks.

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I would always have your brightness on the lowest possible setting, put on do not disturb, and tune out of ATC

@Latvia When the app crashes you don’t lose flight time

I’ve been doing long hauls for a really long time now, but the thing is, the ipad i use is really old, so I don’t really mind, but I haven’t seen any major alterations in terms of battery life, or at least haven’t noticed any.


The more you charge and use your iPad’s battery, the more it degrades - that means, it’s maximum 100% capacity will decrease and it will need to be charged more frequently. It could also potentially affect your iPad’s maximum performance, which you can read about here

So yes, it does affect your device in the long run, but I’m sure it’s all worth it because long hauls are very rewarding :). I have seen my ipad’s Battery run out faster since I’ve started playing IF for a while, but I’m willing to live with it.

hey alls, I fly around 60H a week and this has been going on for 3 months. I use an iPhone 7 and ive only had 2 issues so it does affect your device but not much

Hello, I have personally been doing Long Haul Flights for longer than a year or 2 now (I have lost count). I could see that my battery health on my phone had decreased over this amount of time, but not enough to where I think it became a problem. This issue of decreased battery life was solved for me by investing in an iPad to fly on. My iPad can handle the long haul flights much better. Overall, I’d say that their is more of a concern for oversleeping you destination and running out of fuel if you oversleep than to be concerned with battery health (if you fly overnight like me) as the winds can change overnight and may effect your arrival time, I get around this by using the built-in weather from Sim Brief.

You don’t? When it crashes for me, I don’t get any XP or flight time added. Might be different for you.

Yes you do, it updates as you fly - not at the end of the flight.

No debate here, this is fact.

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Charging all the time absolutely destroys the battery, I’d say if you are awake then keep it moderated and unplugged until the 20% mark, use Low power mode (IF low power mode, not iOS one)
And low brightness.

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